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Friday, September 7, 2007

My first digital camera

I bought a camera. It is my first digital camera. I decided on a Waterproof/Shockproof Digital Camera with Built-in Flash.

Sealife SL321 ECOshot 6.0MP Digital Camera.

Here are some photos:

La Perouse Bay

here is my online photo gallery:

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Back from the dead…

So a guy drowned in the pool today. His daughter saw him go to the deep end of the pool – he went down – then came up. Then went down and after about a minute - she thought he can not hold his breath that long. So her husband jumped in, pulled him up to the top of the pool then 2 guys around the pool helped get him on the pool deck. There were 2 doctors within 20 feet. They started CPR and brought him back. By the time I got there – he was lying on his side and barely breathing – but he was breathing. He then started to wake up – and the police and fire department was there in about 10 minutes. They took him to the hospital on the other side.
You go on vacation in paradise and die. That is such a crazy thing to happen.
3 physicians and a nurse within 20 feet of you when you drown. That is truly a miraculous thing…
Here is my new thinking – No one dies on my shift. That is what I hope for.

My boss told me to get a haircut. He told me on two separate occasions. I knew I had to get a haircut – so I used a #2 guard on a set of clippers and cut my own hair.

I had lunch with my boss and the yoga and Pilates instructors. It was fun – they were great to talk to and to get to know. I got a hug from each of them when lunch was over. They liked the Southern Gentleman in me :) – but were sketchy of the fact that I like surfing.
I had a managers meeting today. It is all of the Department heads of the hotel and we talk about what is going on. As it turns out, the director - of - fun is actually an executive level position. I am a department head of the hotel. Front desk, security, food and beverage, engineering, HR, sales, banquet, (and more…) & FUN.
My boss said he liked my haircut. Then he asked me what size shoe I wore. I took my shoes off and looked at the tag and told him an 11. He likes to ask people what size shoe they wear, and then he goes and buys them a pair of shoes.

Back to work tomorrow – another day at the pool.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Magical Maui...

8/22 - Today was an interesting day. 1 of our roomies had some friends over from the mainland. We took them surfing, hung out all day, invited the guy that bought a 1 way ticket to sleep on our couch in the garage (aka lanai), and next thing I know is some dude who is passed out on the couch is getting the water hose sprayed on him.
After I got done laughing (which was about 30 minutes) – I realized what was happening. One of our roomies was spraying down a drunk individual to make sure he was still alive.. He was questionable for a while. But the garden hose gave a lot of answers quickly…
I was called in to be the gentleman that made sure that the young damsel made it home safely. I was more than happy to do the job. I was grateful that I had a job. I was ecstatic that the 2 women I knew that lived in my house understood that I would be the one to make sure they made it home. Ultimately, I was the one they trusted…
I was happy! I knew I made more friends. I knew I made more friends that I could trust – because they trusted me… When the situation got tough – and you need a gentleman – who u going to call??
It’s good to know that some things never change…

On another note…
I wonder if anyone can beat me on job title? I am the “Director of FUN” Seriously – does anyone even want to compete? I will be happy to entertain all contenders, but I am going to win in the long run… FUN is in my title!!!
I could not have dreamed of a better job… - yet I got it!!!
Life is such an extraordinary thing. Sometimes you dream and it comes true… Sometimes things change – but remain the same… Sometimes you have the courage to change things… and sometimes you are too scared to do anything… I know who I am – who are you?

8/23 - I was late today... My boss called & woke me up at 10AM. That is the worst feeling - being late - and your boss calling to wake u up... I hope I do not do that again. Worse even yet is talking to the owner - then him concluding by "So you had a sleeping problem today?" - My response - "Yes sir. I apologize. It will not happen again..." Enough said. End of conversation...

8/24 - I was officially named Director of FUN today!!! At the manager meeting - the owner of the company said I was the Director of Fun - and would be replacing my manager. Life is grand! (can u tell I work with some Irish chicks?)

8/25 - I got a call today from the VP of the company. He said they were working on my compensation package. He said I had not been forgotten. I said thank you.. What I really thought was - now that it has been announced that I am replacing my boss - and have been named as such - that I AM the one in control. I have the title - now they have to PAY me... Does that make since to anyone?
I think I am in a good position. I think I have room to negotiate...
I will let you know how it goes. I hope I am right.

I miss yall! I hope I can inspire you to have some "FUN" in your life. I know
I am...

8/26 - Another day at the pool… I had 2 of my Irish chicks working today. One of them told me they got a $5 tip – so I decided to make her day better. I asked her if she wanted to sit in on an activity. She had the choice between Lei making and Hula lessons. She chose lei making – and she was ecstatic that she could make lei’s for an hour, talk to guest, and get paid to do it. I was happy to make an employee happy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

I have the best job ever

Tonight I was in the lanai (aka the terrace, balcony, or in my case – the garage…) and five of us said we the best job ever. How many times have you heard that? Five people – each of them claiming that they love their job and each of them claiming they “Have the BEST job ever?” Turns out that 4 of us work at the pool at a resort at Ka`anapali. We all come home – ask how work was – and say “It was just another day at the pool…” We ALL know what the other means – we all know how the day was. How great is that?

The other chick in the lanai worked at a pizza place. NO way she wins – I worked for a pizza place for 10 years – and I KNOW that does not even come close to working at the pool….

I got my picture taken today. I am going to be on the wrap = the newspaper print that my resort places on the outside of the Maui News each morning. I am going to be claiming – that I have the BEST job ever! I am going to be endorsing my favorite activities. I am going to be in over 500 rooms a day! I smiled the whole time they were taking my picture. I KNOW I have the best job ever!!! I am the Director of FUN!!!

So – on a more serious note – you need to click on the picture from my previous post. It took a certain brother of mine over a week to figure out that if you click on the picture, you will see A LOT more… A Bra – click on the picture…

I found a link to a view of my office. You can even control the webcam and move it where you want. You can zoom in and out. You can escape your drab, dreary day at the office – and enjoy my world – just imagine another day at the pool….

Amazing how you can change one thing – and change everything…
How u stay?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

SO I got a package today... My brother Jon sent me some cigarettes. The box was postmarked June 6. It arrived July 14th. That is a slooow boat. I was happy to see it. Jon had given up hope - he thought it got jacked - and swore he would not send anything else. I still had hope. I knew it would arrive.. I projected positive thoughts during his negativity - and it came the next day.

He also sent me a DVD with out pictures from our vacation on it. I have a special treat for you. I picked out some of my favorites and uploaded them to the web.
I hope you enjoy my first week of vacation as much as I did....

Why I stayed in Maui....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today was an interesting day. It was the first day that my boss was back. She asked me how it went and I gave her the book that was signed to me. She smiled and agreed. I spent the whole day in the office – more or less an internet cafĂ©. I made one report (the hard way), made documents on the computer, printed them, laminated them and then posted them. It took all day.

I had lunch with my boss and 2 concierges.. The concierge sure can talk. They talked nonstop during lunch.

There was 7 weddings today – 7 weddings on July 7, 07. 7 weddings on 7.7.7. Crazy stuff huh?

I grew a new toe! 7/10/07

So I took my bandage off today. I left a Band-Aid First Aid Advanced Care band aid on for the last 2 days. This “super Band-Aid” is supposed to let bacteria out and reduce the appearance of a scar. I have to agree – it worked! I grew the end of my big toe back with it. So – when I took the band aid off – I noticed it was peeling the scab off – and then I noticed the new, baby skin that was underneath it. It was so soft it reminded me of a baby. It was so shiny, it looked like an old mans bald head. None-the-less – I was happy to have spawned a new big toe. It also made me appreciate how much dead skin I have on my toes.

Work is going well. I am in training to be the Director of FUN!!! What a great title. I never in my wildest dreams would have, or could have dreamed of putting “Director of Fun” on my resume. Like I said before, all I need is my foot in the door and I WILL succeed!!!

I opened a local bank account. I am too cheap to pay the fees if I need money. $2 here and there adds up. I would rather pay 4 bucs a month for maintenance fees than 2 each time I take money out. They offered me $7000 in a personal loan just since I opened an account. I was pre-approved – no application was needed. I declined. I could buy a car – but I am making it by on a POS jeep.

I am constantly amazed at how well the island provides you with what you need. It is an amazing thing.
  • I am grateful that I grew a new toe in only a week.
  • I am grateful for all of my experiences that have led me here – and for all of the experiences I have yet to create.
  • I am grateful for my friends & family.

Life is good. I have a great tan. My hair is turning blonde – and it has not been blonde in 15 years – so I am pretty stoked.